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5 Things You MUST Try This Summer With The Kids!

Hi All,

As the summer gets into full swing and the kids are enjoying their summer break, I thought I would write a few “boredom buster” activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family this summer.
Having kids, we all know that after the first few weeks of the holidays those dreaded words.. “I’m bored” are said and you suddenly think – Oh God, I have a ton of washing to do (YAY) and the carpets so dirty its almost alive, what can I do to keep them occupied? Well, here’s my top 5 boredom busters for home to keep the kiddies happy all day long!
A Talent Competition –

This is great because if you have more than one child they can compete against each other, or if you only have the one little munchkin they can either play this with you or their dolls/dinosaurs and whatever else they may find! Set the scene with your kids, there will be a talent competition in two hours and you can preform or create whatever you like for the show. This lets kids use their imagination and “think outside the box”. Then you get to be Simon Cowell and judge.. be sure to have some sweeties as prizes!
Outdoor Cinema –
Grab the cushions and the quilts, put the popcorn in the microwave, this is a movie day with a twist! Using a smartphone and projector you can create your very own cinema in the garden! Now, I appreciate not everyone has a projector lying around the house, but you can now buy Mini Smartphone Projectors that work from a most devices.
Make Your Own Secret Den! –
We all know kids love getting messy! And if they don’t then they like making things look “pretty”. This idea works for all. Go to your local park and collect some large sticks, leaves, conkers and whatever else you can find to make your own den. Use large leaves to fix the leaves together and let your little ones get started! Once they have finished why not host a tea party inside with all of their favourite teddies. They will be so proud of themselves

Mini Veggie Patch –
Let your little ones have their very own spot in the garden to “sow some seeds”. Grab a large plant pot or even some mini picket fencing (this can usually be found at your local pound shop) and make the children their own little veggie/fruit plot with some compost. Let the kiddies pick and plant their own seeds – strawberries and tomatoes are personal favourites as they are so easy to maintain. Once the seeds have been planted let you little ones take ownership for their own plants and they will love watching them grow and finally, hopefully eating their very own produce!

Let Your Little Ones Entrepreneur Run Free! –
We recently founds this fantastic website that manufactures an exact replica of your child’s drawing into a real toy! Why not set your kiddies the challenge of designing their dream teddy, and then send their masterpiece away to be made into real life if they are good over the holidays – if I could draw Id love to do this one myself!
The link below will take you directly to “budsies” who are the masterminds behind this idea –
Budsies Soft Toy Website

I hope you have enjoyed this post, whatever you get up to with the kids this summer, I hope you have an amazing time!

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