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And So She Told The World To Get F****d

Hi Gals,

So the weeks gone a little like this..

Were going to do this Craig David Style –

Please read it to Craig David’s 7 days – it just makes more sense this way.

Broke the bathroom tap on Tuesday,

Got made redundant on Wednesday,

And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday (yep, still redundant),

I cried on Sunday, relived it all again on Monday 🙂

And… cut.

So, as you can see last week was a little, erm stressful.

But hey, when life throws you lemons, you’ve got to make lemonade and let me tell you people that is what I intend to do.

With each new day, life changes and you have to change with it. As long as you have a happy, healthy family, food and a roof over your head, then life aint half bad.

I have the most amazing boyfriend who completely supports me every single day, I honestly don’t know where I would be without him, he is my rock and my absolute best friend (sorry I know its mushy).

I also have a beautiful, intelligent, caring, courageous daughter who inspires me every single day.

As long as I have my incredible family, I know things will be ok.

And besides, what’s life if it doesn’t throw you a few hurdles every now and then?

I mean who needs stability anyway hey?

There is always a plan B, even if you don’t know it yet! No matter how bad a situation may seem.

Looking on the bright side, I am learning new things everyday and now know what a domain name, host, widgets/plugins are and have also even managed to be lucky enough to gain some wonderful followers along the way!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but for today I am shutting out the world and having a large glass of wine!

Watch out world, I’m coming for you! …









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