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Are Our Smartphones Creating SMART Kids Or Hindering Thier Development?

Hi guys,

So I recently read an article about smartphones affecting our children.

The article was titled –

“Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine”

With such a drastic first line I had to read on!

We are guilty of letting munchkin have our smartphones for apps and movies when on long journeys, on “poorly days” or even sometimes while I’m doing the housework. I know it’s not great and we consciously try to minimise the time she spends on it but sometimes it’s just convenient.

I have seen people (myself included when munchkin was a little younger) give their child their smartphone around the supermarket. I mean us mums deserve at least half an hour to concentrate on just picking some food right?

But could we really be causing our child to become somewhat “addicted” to technology as suggested above?

I guess the fear is that so many children today think that a productive day is playing a marathon on their PS4 games or completing the highest level on the latest app craze thier smartphone has to offer.

When and where do you draw the line?

It is thought, according to a recent article on the Independent

“Even three and four year olds consume an average of six and half hours of internet time per week, according to the broadcasting regulators”

This factor alone is pretty scary.

To think at such a young age children can spend that long staring at a small screen instead of playing, excersizing and generally learning from the world around them.
Wow, I’m not sure I like the sound of that!

Children are so impressionable and need to realise from a young age that technology can be a fantastic thing, but it is not everything!

This certainly changed my outlook and I am now even more conscious of munchkins time spent on her kindle etc (within reason).

Don’t get me wrong though,  I am definitely not against such devices and there are some brilliant apps that are very educational such as CBeebies (love this) and GarageBand which mini loves at the moment as it allows you to create your own musical masterpiece!

But I do try and will always continue to encourage hands on activities like crafts, sensory, imaginative and educational play as much as possible wherever we are.

If we’re at shopping we play “supermarket sweep” where I print off a list of foods mini must find at the supermarket and if she marks them all off she wins a prize!

Or if we are travelling we also play eye spy or singalong to our favourite songs together.

For more ideas to help keep your little ones busy and smartphone free  this summer check out my recent post 5 Things You MUST Try This Summer With The Kids.

I guess it is up to is to improvise as much as possible, but as busy, working parents this can be a challenge..

As times continue to change, and technology advances at an unbelievable speed, how long will it be before our children become completely dependant on such devices for their everyday life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading as always x

A penny for your thoughts..