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Make Up Must Haves 101 From A Mummy On A Mission!

Hi Everyone,

Today, I thought I would do something different and share the ins and outs of my make up must haves! I studied and practised Beauty Therapy for three years and went on to become a Make Up Artist for a further three years right up until pudding was born.

Nowdays, for obvious reasons, I have to be a lot quicker putting my make up on so I have my every day “tools” that help me hide the bags and conceal the wonderful spots that I thought you were meant to grow out of after you hit twenty.. grrr. **When I get one of these dreaded spots – it quite often now gets named as Susan Boil in our house, named fondly after well Susan Boyle
Anyways, I used to be the full primer, concealer, foundation, powder, highlighter, contour, blusher, mascara, brow gel kind of girl, but quite clearly with a mini miss and a 9-5 job this is just not possible anymore.

But I still want to look alive, so please see below my favourite make up must haves to keep you glowing, when your feeling rather dull inside! I have also offered a cheaper alternative as like many of us unfortunately food mostly has to come first over make up so some months I simply cannot splurge!

Enjoy the list and let me know if you need at more information on the below, I have not been paid for any of the views/products stated so they are all very much my own.

01 Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Foundation

Retails at around £32.50
Wow I bloomin love this foundation, I mean seriously if I was stuck on a desert island and it was a choice between this and food I think I would have to chose this and don’t take that lightly because I seriously love food!

This foundation is incredible for a few reasons –

  • Firstly it gives amazingly full coverage but feels completely light weight.
  • It is very quick to apply and dry, meaning there is no need for a finishing powder if you prefer to not
  • It covers even the reddest of blemishes – when I worked as a make up artist, I used this stuff to even cover up tattoos!
  • It comes in 6 versatile shades to cater for all skin tones.
    HACK – This can also be mixed in with your favourite moisturiser/primer to create a lighter coverage if you prefer.

STEAL – Revlon Colourstay Foundation SPF15
Retails at around £9.99

This foundation is always my go to when the Lauder is out and so is my pay cheque! It gives great coverage, feels lightweight and comes in over eight shades for all skin types. The also offer this foundation with an SPF 15 and have various ranges for both combination/oily, dry and combination. Great!

02 Benefit They’re Real Mascara
Retails at around £20.50
This mascara really does give sky scraper lashes!
It has a fantastic comb like brush that many other make up brands have gone on to attempt to copy – but there is just no comparison.
This mascara glides on and DOES NOT CLOG! It is very buildable, but even with just one coat makes your eyelashes lengthen dramatically without the need for eyelash curlers. This mascara has won at the Vogue 100 Beauty Hall Of Fame twice and I’m sure will go on to win again, if you have not tried this please give it a go. This is honestly always in my make up bag as it is so quick and easy to use with results that look so professional.

STEAL – MUA Volume Mascara
Retails at around £2!
This mascara was a complete accident find! I lost my They’re Real when we were away on holiday recently and nipped into a small Boots store whist away. I picked this up as a “I can throw this away when we leave” buy, but as it turned out I bought two more to take home with me!
This mascara gives great volume and full lashes without clogging – a great buy to keep in your make up bag as back up and a great Price!

03 – MAC Mineralise Skinfinish
Retails at around £24.50

This highlighter is beautiful.
It gives a wonderful “sheen” to the skin and stays put all day. Put this on cheek bones, above the top lip (just in the middle on the cupids bridge), underneath eyebrows, down the center of the nose and in the corner of your eyes (nearest to your nose). This highlighter is best to be put on before applying blusher/eyeshadow so it just shines though the colour subtly.

STEAL – Undress Your Skin MUA Highlighting Powder
Retails at around £3
This highlighter is actually rather similar the MAC skinfinish and gives just as much sheen too.
The only downfall I find is that it does not seem to say on all day, so would probably best saved for nighttime use – mind you if I saved this just for nighttime use it would last me a lifetime as baby sitter offers are abit sparse around here

04  Bare Minerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick
Retails at around £18
These lipsticks are so creamy, but matte at the same time.
I know it sounds strange, but these lipsticks set onto your lips as a matte lipstick would but remain feeling creamy on the lip so they do not dry and crumble like most of the matte lipsticks I have tried. These lipsticks also contain natural butters that act almost like a lip mask at the same time to leave your pout feeling fresh!
STEAL – Barry M Lip Paints
Retail at around £4.99
These lipsticks our brilliant, and I have used them since I was around eighteen! They come in so many different colours and stay on so well throughout the day. Barry M are always adding new shades and the price is so reasonable. These are definitely worth keeping in your handbag for those days you feel like an oomph

05 Benefit POREfessinal Primer
Retails at around 22.50

I love this product. Again it is very quick to use – YAY!
This primer feels so silky when it goes onto your skin and also fills pores to give a more even finish with or without foundation.
This primer is completely translucent so suits all skin types, and is also oil free – Screw you Susan Boil! Definitely worth a try if like me you struggle to keep your make up on all day from rushing around like a crazy lady!

STEAL – MUA Pro Base – Smooth, Set & Prime
Retails at around £5

This primer comes in a balm form that makes application very easy.
It creates a good base for make up to be applied on top of and definitely extends the length of time your foundation will stay looking fresh.
I would love to know some of your top make up must haves, and hacks you have too – anything to make things easier is always welcomed!

Until next time…

Thank you for reading guys as always x

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