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What To Do When Your Child Has Chickenpox The Ultimate Guide

Hello Mommas,

Today I’m going to share with you my top tips for coping with chicken pox and how to keep your child as comfortable as possible throughout.

Now, before I had munchkin, I had honestly never heard of ‘Chickenpox Parties’!

If you haven’t, what basically happens is one mums little one gets the dreaded chickenpox, she then calls all her mummy friends and they all come over in the hope their child will get chicken pox so that they can get it over with young!

I couldn’t believe this happened!!

Anyway, fortunately for munchkin I never partook in one of these parties, however she did wake up like a cute little leopard on a sunny Monday morning (sorry work) recently and I knew the infamous chicken pox were upon us!

They started on her tummy and gradually spread until she was covered. They didn’t seem to particularly bother her at first, but as the day went on the itching began…

The trouble is, as with most skin irritants, you itch the skin and it only infuriates the chickenpox and makes them even more itchy, not to mention the scarring it may leave behind if scratched too much.

But how do you get a child to not itch when that’s all they want to do!!

Well, firstly, let’s look at the facts –

What causes chickenpox?
Chickenpox is a common illness that mainly affects children and causes an itchy, spotty rash. It is highly infectious until the red spots scab over.

What do chicken chickenpox look like?


What are the main symptoms?
The main Symptom is of course the notorious raised red itchy spots, that then evolve into crusty blisters. But early symptoms can include generally feeling unwell, a high temperature (over 38c) and feeling sick.

Now, let’s move onto my top tips to help keep your little one comfortable throughout.

Calamine Lotion 

This was an absolute life saver for us, it worked so unbelievable well. It is a mild astringent and antiseptic that can help relieve minor skin conditions. You can use this all over! We put this on Morning, noon and night and whenever munchkin had an itch between! This also went in her bath and stayed by the side of our bed for those midnight itches! Honestly cannot praise this stuff enough!

Tap the skin if it really is too itchy (teach your child this is the way to ‘scratch’ their itchy bits) this will stop them actually scratching them and causing more pain. If they do scratch the spots and they bleed, be extra careful to keep them clean as of course these pose a risk of further infection.

Wear loose clothing.

Yes let you little one look like a mini rapper! Baggy trousers, and baggy tops. This stops the materials irritating the spots even more!
I mentioned bathing a little earlier, make sure the water is not too hot when your little one has a bath. Just Luke warm. Too hot can make the skin more irritable.

Buy a book!

We used Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox  .It’s a great story of a lovely princess that wakes up with spots! My little one loved it because she said it was just like her! It’s a great way for children to know that chicken pox are normal and almost makes them a little chuffed they have them too!

Of course every child is different and if your minis spots are still getting worse it is essential to visit your GP to illuminate any further complications.

The NHS website states that a ‘normal’ bout of chicken pox usually lasts about a week. You can view further complication list on the NHS Direct Website.

The main thing is to keep your little one as comfortable as possible and hopefully they will be back to themselves in no time.

Thank you for reading as always. Happy scratching!

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