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Why Nothing In The World Is As Strong As A Mothers Love

If you are a mummy yourself or not, we have all experienced or felt the power of a mothers love.

Whether that be from our own mums, people we know or indeed ourselves as mums.

There is something undeniably strong and tenacious about a mothers love. It’s like it is an instinct that is always instilled in us all and when the time is right we excerpt it and the feeling is euphoric.

I was reading an article the other day about the incredible things mothers in the animal world endure for their babies and it truly inspired me.

I read that Orangutan mommas maintain physical contact with their babies continuously for at least the first four months of their lives! Wow can you imagine that! Even after the first few days of motherhood I needed a break just to catch up on some sleep! I can’t imagine not being able to even put munchkin down even for a piddle for four months!

Mummy octopuses lay up to 200,000 eggs when giving birth. She then carefully separates all of the eggs into smaller groups depending on shape, size and likeliness of survival and guards them twenty four hours a day for around two months. Because she must protect them from predators around the clock, she has no time to feed herself, meaning mummy octopuses usually die as their babies hatch. They literally give their lives for their young. AMAZING!

Mummy elephants endure a pregnancy that lasts almost two years!

Once they have given birth their babies can usually begin to walk at around an hour and a half later and from then on follow their mummies. The mums gain a “Motherhood” of fellow mummy/related elephants who all look after the infant to protect it from danger.

It is thought that female elephants barely ever leave their mothers and stay with them in the herd for their whole life! I think this is truly beautiful. It shows unity between women and also shows the incredibly strong bond between a mother and her child.

As a mummy myself, I can relate to all of the above for one simple reason – I would do any of this for my own mini.
Mummy instinct is so strong, it overcomes absolutely anything.

That moment they hand you this beautiful little person who looks back up at you and makes your heart melt to mush, you swear in your soul you will protect them forever, no exceptions.
Mummies are so strong, we should be incredibly be proud of each other and ourselves, each and every one of us.

I am so grateful to be able to feel such an intensely beautiful feeling and I owe this to my best friend, my truly magical daughter I I love you munchkin

Have you ever had a situation where your momma instincts took over, and if you did what did you do?

Thank you for reading as always xx

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